Here's to living the good life! BOOM!

78 million Baby Boomers scattered throughout the country. Isn't it great? Knowing who we are! What we want! How to handle ourselves. Done!!! with all of the insecurities of our youth! We're active, interesting, engaged and full of confidence! Constantly reinventing ourselves and breaking the "old-age" molds. We call it pro-aging now, not anti-aging! After all, we are pros at this!




Yes, we have wrinkles! Yes, we take power naps! Yes, we drive nice cars! We are not afraid of catching the age-wave! We have earned our badges, but we have not forgotten how tough life can be. With the Greatest Generation ahead of us, Gen X, Gen Y and the Millennials right behind us, we understand our importance in leadership roles. We are a very active group and we don't let our age slow us down!

We're still starting businesses, investing in our future, learning new technologies, teaching old dances!  We're loving life and all of the accomplishments we still have left to conquer! Who knows what shenanigins we'll be up to, in our 80's? 

But one thing we're NOT doing is down-sizing. We like to call it RIGHT-SIZING! Yes, we're happy to give up the extra bedrooms, large yard and formal living room. We're NOT ready to give up our state-of-the-art kitchen, formal dining areas, high quality finishes and recreational amenities! (Gotta stay in shape!)

Here at Next Chapter Properties, we are ready to help you ride the Age-Wave! Let's talk! We'd love to earn your business. 

As a parting note, we know that many of our Boomer's are also caregivers. This is a great look at a day in the life. Thanks for all you do!