That's right! We have our own web page! We are the Millennials, Gen X, Gen Y, everything BUT the Baby Boomers! We are 80 million+ strong! Yeah, baby, yeah! We have the world's attention!

We're smart, tolerant, unique, diverse and interested in so many different things.  We are great at multi-tasking (video games, social media, our jobs, family, friends, you!) and we're here to improve our world!


So who ARE we?

  1. We love technology, especially mobile technology!  We're always on the move and our media must move with us. (There's an app for that!)

  2. We're a social bunch.  Google, Facebook, Twitter, Coffee houses, Instagram, Internet RULES!!

  3. We collaborate and cooperate.  We're not afraid of each other.

  4. We're always on the prowl for adventure.  And isn't Colorado one of the best states for adventure?

  5. We are passionate about values.  You know, good citizenship and all of that.  Bullying is bad....equality is and let live!  Pretty simple.

Did we mention we're smart?  Let's talk real estate.  Need some help? Texts or emails work great for us! Prefer face time? Let's have coffee! Looking for an agent?  Drop by our office and grill us with your questions! We would love to earn your business!