You've FOUND the perfect home! It's IN the perfect neighborhood!  You make an appointment with a lender.    Ahhhhh.........too bad! You don't qualify for this price range!                       

                           Your dreams are crushed!

Okay, that was a little dramatic.  But no one wants to waste their time and energy; get super excited about a home; start arranging furniture in your mind, only to find out that (BAM!) you don't qualify for that home. 

Unfortunately, this is a familiar scenario for many homebuyers. 





Now....we are REALLY good at what we do.  And we want your experience to be a blast!  We promise to do our very best to find you the home of your dreams!  But, there are a few steps to accomplish, prior to setting up showings and touring homes.  So it's really important that we are all on the same page, in order for us to help you accomplish your goals.


Before you begin your home search.....before we all gas up our vehicles.....before you stop by the liquor store to pick up moving boxes (and a few other necessities).....we highly recommend that you find out the amount of a mortgage you can qualify for. This is called a PRE-QUALIFICATION.  It doesn't take much time at all.  Most importantly, you don't HAVE to buy a house for the amount you qualify for.  But you CAN'T buy a house for an amount you DON'T qualify for! It's really that simple!

Below, we have listed several mortgage companies that we LOVE recommending to our clients. These companies get the job done! Give them 10 minutes of your time. Talk to them and share some information. They can quickly let you know what price range you would qualify for a mortgage. Armed with that information, we (your hard-working, tough negotiating, highly skilled Realtor) can begin scouring through all of the available homes in that price range, around the neighborhoods that you love!  Give them a call.  Then, LET'S ROLL! 



Academy Mortgage  Jake Mott or Eric Mott
Alpine Bank  Barb Wolfe
Cornerstone Lending  Chris Ledesma
Fidelity Mortgage John Hunter or John Leu
Guild Mortgage Portia Vigil
Mortgage Solutions Financial Jayda Matekovic